Known as Wilda Yustisia Syarifah. Still 19 yo young lady. Was born in Jogjakarta, Indonesia on August 15th 1994. 
A second daughter of Mr. Komarudin and Mrs. Hariroh. Have one big sister and two little brother. 

Alumnus of Mujahidin Kindergarten Pontianak, SMPN 3 Pontianak, and SMA Darul Ulum 2 Unggulan BPPT RSBI Jombang. Yes. I am Darul Ulum santri and I proud of it.

Now. Currently studying Nutritional Science as a college student at Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. Going to be your future nutritionist-dietetian soon! A world nutriranger and also a certified wife&mom insha Allah. 

In processing mode to be an adult one. No need to hurry, just enjoy the steps.
Well, this blog is my trash to throw everything around my head. Even spamming sometimes. Have a problem? Just close the tab then.

Reach me in another sos-med. Just scroll the screen to the end of page.
Thanks for visiting. And also thanks for reading. Have a nice day!



  1. selamat malam, kunjungan perdana ni.

    keren photo" waktu kecilnya.

    1. ahahaha maap baru baca komennya. Makasiii suda mampir :)

  2. cciiiiaaa ciiiaaa
    mana yang masih merah kog gak di masukin juga b' wil


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