19 March 2010

still ALIVE never DIE

arigatou gozaimashu !
after a really really really long time ago .
finally i COME BACK again dude !
yeeehaa ..

i'm sorry for that vacum time !
now , i promise to be here and often write everything .
hha ..
okeyy then ..

now , for the renew it .
i wanna introduce myself ..
jiaaaahahahhahahaaaa ..
it's never mind , isn't it !!

all about GREENiliciousuperkid **

actually i'm wilda yustisia syarifah , a perfect name given by my perfect parents :)
they're also call me as wiel or wilda or mbak ida or widuun or qwiel .. (the last one is soo .. arggggh *jerk :p)
i was born at JOGJAKARTA , on AUGUST 15th 1994 * REMEMBERRR IT ! :D
so it was already 15 years i breath oxygen .. hha :)

to be continued ... :DD

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