27 August 2013

Hey You!

Yes, I missed a lot of scene here. Too busy (if it might to say like that) and actually the real one is 'too lazy' to click this blogspot space and posting. It truly happened when there are so many soc-med appear like blog in another smartphone or even tablet, you know like twitter, instagram, path and so on that make people (include me) become seldom to open blog and prefer to share my daily activity there, that easier and faster and more gorgeous (because we can edit directly hahaha).
Well, over all the one that I wanna say is.. those all aplication eventhough cooler or better or more modern, write in a blog still the best one. I said because only here I can spam everything up to me, as much as I want, as long as I'm not tired to share. Yes. Here.

I'm not going anywhere. Just being lazy sometimes. Haha.

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