01 December 2011

distressfully me

Allah, Rabb..
I’m tired, I’m so tired.
If can be, I wanna run from this body.

Ya Allah Ya Rahman.
It feels that there is no more strength here
Too heavy even for make a breath

Ya Allah God Who Knows Everything
I’m sure You Must Know What is Happening here.
You Must Understand What I Feel.


Nevertheless, whatever !

We need stress to know what peaceful is
We need sickness to realize how important healthful is
We need a worst thing to realize the best one

It seems that my life so complicated now.
Once in a while, I feel that everything in unfair.
Yes. Unfair life.

I’m not complain my own life, but please .
I’m just ordinary person that have a limit.
I’m not superman, wonderwoman, hulk, incredible, or fantastic four that have a superpower to do everything.
And also I’m not Hermione Granger, that can make such a magic to change everything.
Even they –superman,hulk,hermione,etc- also have a limit yeah?
whatever they are, they are still an ordinary human.

I don’t know it has been how much time that I get this disease.
I think it has sticked and joined into my self.
Wilda and Stress = the worst couple :D

Especially the last month, NOVEMBER.
A suck month that make me so sick.
Aiisssh, Rabb..
School becomes so annoying then.
There are just task and task, daily exam, essay, practikum report, memorize surah, practical exam and another blah blah blah
In a day there can be 3 deadline at the same time.
All teachers seems that they are don’t care with our suffering, they just add and increase our tash as they want..
Huuh -_-
If can disappear from these all, I will..
I wanna escape from this jerkin’ things.
After this month, DESEMBER.
Is it will be a suck month too?
Perhaps, because of in December there will be a big war happen.
Odd term Examination !
Ya Jabbar Ya Robb..
Help me to face it all.
This sacrifice, this struggle.
May it be such a perfect thing in the end.



  1. hey wildaa! :D
    ganbatte! hang on there!
    Don't ya think everybody else face the same thing(s) as you do? I do, too
    Let's enjoy the upside-down of these tiring-sucking-like a bloody hell process, 'cause there are only 2 options: enjoy and survive, or feeling miserable and -somehow- dead? :)

  2. heyyaaa nadhila :)
    sorry for keep you waiting. I just woke up my blog ahaha..
    oyeah? so I have same-struggle-and-condition-facing-friend now. and that's make me happy. Not happy about the pain but happy that I'm not alone actually. yeah?
    Absolutely YES my dear nadh. thanks for realizing me anyway. life is nonsense if there are no those tiring-sucking-like a bloody hell process right!
    this life, my life, your life, our life is too awesome to make it jerk.
    Keep survive :)
    becoz these why our life are so gorgeous.
    LIFE MUST GO ON !! :)


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