03 May 2012

w/ Turangga for the last

I took this photo with my laptop webcam and my digital camera when I was on the 'Turangga' train on my way to Bandung from Jombang at 28 April 2012.

A big thanks to Mbak Ani for accompany me to go to the station

waitin' the train
what I bring
what I like from the train --> colokan listriknya haha
A thirteen thousand boiled noodle. #kalo ga laper, ga bakal deeeh -__-
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foolish pose in turangga

twelve hours sittin alone, it just like that I can't feel my hump anymore hahaha

Finally, arrive in Banduuung yeyeyeye ~


I will miss you Turangga !
someday, would you like to bring me again? 

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